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Trumpeter 1/32 Lockheed P-38L-5-LO Lightning

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Scale: 1/32

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Shipped from BC Canada

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The P-38 was a radical change for American fighter aircraft. First flown in January 27, 1939, the production planes began to arrive in October 1941 just in time for the war. The P-38 in one of its outstanding exploits intercepted and destroyed a plane carrying Japanese top Admiral Yamamoto, killing him. The P-38L was a further improvement of the P-38J that finally saw the P-38 achieve its potential. The P-38L introduced self-sealing fuel tanks and armor protection for the pilot. The plane was equipped with four .50 cal. machine guns plus a 20 mm cannon. It could carry 4,000 pounds of bombs or ten 5 in. rockets. When the U.SW entered World War II, the P-38 was the fastest and most heaviest armed fighter. The P-38L, of which 3,848 were built, was the version with the greatest quantity. Dive flaps that were introduced on the last block of P-38Js were now standard. High aileron control forces that gave earlier 38s a creaky rate of roll was rectified by the addition of hydraulically boosted ailerons. This gave the P-38L a tremendous roll rate at high speed.
Item No 02227
Item Name Lockheed P-38L-5-LO lightning
Bar Code n/a
Scale 1:32
Item Type Static Aircraft
Model Brief Length: 360mm Wingspan: 495mm
Total Parts 362pcs
Metal Parts Aileron & Flap shaft
Photo Etched Parts One for Aileron & Flap hinges, another for engine intake net
Film Parts Instrument part
Resin Parts n/a
Total Sprues 19pcs sprues + 3 rubber tires
Paint Schemes P-38L-5-LO of 431st FS,475th FG, 5th AF

By: Trumpeter Models

Added: 2022-03-19


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