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Guillow's 1/28 B-17G Flying Fortress Model Kit (1)

Scale: 1/28

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Super detailed GIANT scale models. Some of the most popular airplanes in WWII in large scale detail. The P-38 with its unique fuselage was one of the most popular fighters, the B-17 and B-25 both great bombers of the era and the PBY-5a was one of the most successful flying boats ever produced. These large kits are loaded with detail and make truly impressive airplane construction kits that honor the actual WWII aircraft. A few of these kits feature true to life "action" parts such as movable flying surfaces, sliding canopies, retractable landing gear and drop-able bombs.

The B-17 lived up to its flying fortress nickname during World War 2 when it penetrated deep into the Third Reich to blast German war production facilities. Bristling with machine guns, the G version of the B-17 was a formidable opponent for enemy fighters being able to absorb extensive battle damage and still survive to deliver its bomb cargo on designated targets. Flown by the Eighth Air Force, the B-17G proved the feasibility of strategic daytime bombing at a time when the concept was questioned because of losses suffered from enemy defenses during the early war years. The superior combat record of the B-17 won it a deserved reputation as one of aviations most successful bomber designs.

SpecificationsNo:2002Name:B-17G Flying FortressWingspan:45.75"Scale:1/28Build Time:60+ HoursSkill Level:Experienced

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