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Guillow's 1/16 F6F-3 Hellcat Model Kit (1)

Scale: 1/16

$184.95 each

Shipped from BC Canada

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The worlds finest scale balsa model kits featuring true to life "action" parts such as movable flying surfaces, sliding canopies, retractable landing gear and droppable bombs. Kits can be built as beautiful scale shelf model or flown (rubber free flight or with some scratch building modification convert to electric powered flight). Although the fuselages of these models are roomy enough to take simple R/C equipment and electric motors ... no instructions, diagrams or parts list are included or available.

The first production F6F-3 took to the air in Oct. 1942, and by Jan. 16, 1943, operational F6F-3s were being delivered to the U.S. Navy. More than 2500 joined the naval service in 1944 with production of the "3s" coming to a halt in the spring of 1944 when an improved version, the F6F-5 began to roll down the assembly lines. Form its first combat engagement, the Hellcat proved superior to its Japanese opponent and maintained this advantage right up to the end of the hostilities. Largely remembered for its exploits during the war in the Pacific, Hellcats served aboard the following as well as other carriers of the U.S. Pacific Fleet- Yorktown, Essex, Enterprise, Hornet, Lexington, Ticonderoga and Intrepid. Notable combat engagements occurred over Marcus Island, Wake Island, Tarawa, and the Marianas.

SpecificationsNo:1005Name:F6F-3 HellcatWingspan:32.75"Scale:1/16Build Time:40+ HoursSkill Level:Experienced

By: Guillows

Added: 2022-07-18


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