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Tamiya Roller Skating Robot

Scale: unknown

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Tamiya’s energetic Craft Model Design team never rest! They’ve come up with their latest whimsical Robot creation in a fun new way with the introduction of the Roller-Skating Robot. The Roller-Skating Robot moves forward by opening and closing its legs. This motion is the same as actual skating – a type of motion called swizzle.

Key features of our Rolling Skating friend:
• This Roller-Skating Robot moves forward by opening and closing its legs, and caster limit restricts caster movement and changes lateral to forward motion.
• The rudders on the roller skates can be adjusted to turn right and left.
• Push the left rudder to the outside to turn left, and the right rudder outside to turn right.
• Choose between clear blue body which allows viewing of internal mechanisms and white one which can be freely painted.
• Speed: 33.3 cm/s=1.2 km/h (It takes about 3 seconds to run 1 meter.)
• Minimum turning radius: about 300mm.
• Includes everything needed for easy snap-fit/screw-together assembly.
• Comes with type 130 motor.
• One AA battery is required (sold separately).
• Can move along rails if desired (separately sold universal arms).

By: Tamiya

Added: 2022-05-20

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