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Tamiya Tamiya Triple Crawler

Scale: unknown

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This Educational Construction Series assembly kit creates a unique crawler design. The body surrounded by crawlers facilitates flexible movement that will provide hours of fun both in constructing and using the model.

• Assembly kit. Length:178.6mm, width:97mm, height:72.3mm.
• This model includes Item 70245 Mini Motor Slim Gearbox (2-Speed), and is composed of two large bulging front crawlers and a smaller tail crawler.
• Tail crawler moves along the ground, and acts as a stabilizer to help the model keep its balance even if it falls down from high places or goes over big obstacles.
• When reversing, its tail crawler will be in front.
• When hitting insurmountable obstacles, the model tries to return to the original position and keep running.
• The model can also run on its side, with options provided by how you attach the side parts.
• Requires AAA batteries (x2) (sold separately).

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Added: 2022-01-12

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