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Tamiya 1/35 German Tiger I Initial Production

Scale: 1/35

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The German Tiger I, is said to have been one of the strongest tanks during World War II. Among the variations, at the end of 1942, the early type was sent to Tunisia as a reinforcement to the African Corps led by General Rommel and appeared for the first time in front of the British and American Allied Forces. Features include pistol ports on both sides, a uniquely shaped turret with miscellaneous goods box, a bent front fender, and a slightly angular exhaust pipe cover. Its formidable 88mm gun could destroy the Allied Sherman main battle tank from over 2000m.

About the Model
★1/35 scale, total length 240mm, width 106mm. ★The features of the early model, such as the bent front fender, the pistol ports and slits on both sides of the turret, and the slightly angular shape of the exhaust pipe cover, are realistically reproduced. ★Can also be assembled with a model that has the headlight position changed to the front of the vehicle body. ★The drivers armored visor is a separate part for the front armor plate, giving it a three-dimensional finish. ★The air cleaner hose is recreated with a mesh-patterned vinyl pipe. ★Side markings depict 4 types of vehicles belonging to the 501st Heavy Tank Battalion on the North African front. ★Includes a figure of a tank soldier wearing a tropical uniform.

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