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Italeri Model Kits F-5A Freedom Fighter Cdn Markings

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The Fiat M-14/41 medium tank was used by the Italian Regio Esercito armored Brigades from 1941 to 1943. It was a slightly improved version of the earlier M-13/40 using the same chassis and the same main armament formed by the 47/32 gun located in the turret. Even the secondary armament was the same and based on four Breda 8 mm machine guns : two combined in the hull, one coaxial to the main gun and the last one on top of the turret for the anti-aircrafts defense. The main difference, also recognized in the external design for radiator grilles, was the adoption of the new, and more powerful, 8 V cylinders Fiat SPA-diesel engine The crew was formed by commander, gunner, driver and machine gunner). The M-14/41 was widely used in all military operations in North Africa during World War II.

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